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concordhome.in is a , a company held and marketed by Shyam & Co. Sales. Terms and conditions given below binds you, the User/Customer, visiting concordhome.in for any product purchase with Shyam & Co. Sales. You, the user, by browsing or using the website agree to have read these Terms and conditions and abide by the same. Accessing, browsing, or otherwise using the site indicates your agreement to and acceptance of all the terms and conditions mentioned herein below.
Upon your, the customer/visitor, use of the website or the webpage of ttps://www.concordhome.in/, you shall be subjected to the terms and policies as applicable or mentioned. We, at Concord, at our discretion are entitled to change or amend or remove any of the clauses of the given Terms & Conditions without any prior information. You, the user/customer/visitor, are responsible for keeping a check on terms and their amendments.

Use of Website

You agree that your use of the website, including but not limited to browsing of the WebPages and purchasing of the products, is done at your own risk. When, and if, you use Concord’s website, you take responsibility for maintaining complete confidentiality in regards to your display name, password, and browsing activities as well as for restricting illegal access to your computer or activities that would affect our webpage, your personal information as well as any display/share of information that is wrong, inaccurate and unlawful. You agree that any activities at your part towards providing or sharing information or data that is wrong, harmful, illegal, incorrect, or outdated, impacting the given terms and conditions between you and Concord, we hold the right to suspend or indefinitely terminate your access to the WebPages, services, products, and membership if any with concordhome.in.


Information and data on concordhome.in is given “as is” without any form of warranty. Provided data on this website may contain technical inaccuracies, typographical errors or other forms of errors that may be changed at any given time without prior notice. Concord follows a policy of regular improvements of services, products and holds the right to make amendments or changes to Concord appliances/products without prior notice. The actual Appliance or Product could differ from the product images as shown on the website and we take no responsibility for any difference in the images shown on the website and the actual product delivered.

Orders and Payments

Payment Mode: Payments are accepted by Debit cards, Credit Cards, Netbanking and other online modes of payment like UPI, etc. No payment is accepted via Cheques or money orders.
 EMI Schemes will depend on the Credit or Debit card used.
It is your responsibility to provide correct information for billing purposes. If the provided information does not match your current billing address, there could be a delay in order processing. Order can be canceled if the billing address, credit card details or other payment information does not match. Payment methods and any discounts on them are subject to the discretion of Shyam & Co. Sales/Concord and can be amended by Shyam & Co. Sales/Concord. The orders and payments are subjected to local taxes.

Credit Card Details

Any Credit card information collected on this website is for the purpose of payment of product purchased at concordhome.in shall be stored safely and securely using encrypted Secure Socket Layer (“SSL”) technology. Concord does not store any Credit or Debit card information at its end, nor does it shares it with anyone.
You, the User, agree, understand, accept and confirm that the credit card/Debit Card details provided by you for availing of services or purchasing products on concordhome.in will be correct and you shall not use any credit card which is un-lawfully owned or possessed by you. The said information will not be used or shared by Concord with any third party unless or until required by law, authorities, or court order, for fraud verifications. Concord shall not take any liability for any credit card fraud. Any liability for use of a card fraudulently or unlawfully shall be on you, the User.
We, at Concord, reserve the right to cancel an order for any given reason including but not limited to your failure to meet the company policies and terms & conditions. You, the customer, agree to not dispute any cancellation decision as made by us. We hold the sole right to cancel your orders at any given time if we detect a credit card or payment method fraud, we suspect illegal payment activities, the information or data provided for payment is wrong or inaccurate. Orders can also be subjected to cancellation on non-availability of the appliance or the product, amendments, inaccuracies or change of pricing of the product as given on the webpage or all reasons beyond the control of concordhome.in and Shyam & Co. Sales.
We will contact you, the customer, if your order is canceled or if we require any additional information to accept your placed order. Any order canceled after the payment has been made or deducted from your credit card/account will be returned and refunded back and would be included as per your bank policies.


You, the user, shall fully indemnify and not hold Shyam & Co. Sales and concordhome.in and its officers, agents, directors, and employees, partner companies responsible for any or all costs, claims, losses, demands, liabilities, and damage, caused due to actions including costs and attorneys’ charges, as made by any third party and/or any penalty/fine imposed due to or arising out of your/user violation of any law, rules or regulations, or breach of the Terms & Conditions and/or the rights of a third party and/or the infringement by you, the user, including, but not limited to intellectual property rights infringement, indecent/illegal postings or obscene content and/or on-line defamation, etc.

Intellectual Property

The website is a Copyright of Concord/Shyam & Co. Sales/ concordhome.in and is protected by Copyright Laws of India. Any form of unauthorized copy, misuse or imitation of the website including but not limited to unlawful/unauthorized copy, imitation of the text, contents, images, material, design of the website is not allowed and unlawful and is punishable. All content/data/material on this website is shared or provided for lawful purposes. None of the data or information provided on this website shall be copied, imitated, distributed or shared in any way for any commercial use or benefit without any written consent of the owner. Users may download and use the web content or material on the website only for personal, non-commercial use if they agree to ensure that the contents or data is not altered or modified in any way.

Governing Law

This given agreement of terms and conditions and any form of sales hereunder shall be governed under and by the laws of India. All Parties under dispute shall make all efforts and endeavors to settle any disputes agreeably and amicably. If the Parties in dispute are unable to settle their disagreement amicably the said dispute shall be resolved as per applicable Law. The disputes must be settled as per the Laws of India.


Concord makes no representations for or about sites, partner links, businesses, or third-party vendors accessed through by browsing this website, which is not owned, controlled, run, or created by Concord. Concord does not endorse such sites, own their policies, and is shall not be responsible for their data/content.