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This Privacy Policy covers the use and treatment of and by browsing or using the website (, you the user agree and comply tot he following Privacy policy clauses.The given policy adhere to the website use and features and do not apply to the products/appliances/equipments and other practices and services of the company.

By using or browsing, you agree to to the terms including the age consent. You agree that you are at the age of maturity as per your country’s law or that you have allowed permission to a minor to browse the site with your consent.

Use of information collected upon your use of this website by visiting the website or browsing the pages is collects personally identifiable information. You agree to use and collection of this information by use of the website or filling in the details on the form as given on the website. This collection information is divided into geological data, browsing cookies and personal details like the Name, phone number, address etc.
Upon registration or filling in the contact form you provide personally identifiable information for the website’s use for promotional newsletter, collected from you in regards tot he offers and product related query notifications etc. By registering or filling the personal data form you agree to authorize us to contact you via promotional sms, emails, calls and notifications.

Your use of the website also consent to our collection of information like geological data, browsing preference, use of the browsers, time spent on the website and products and ads clicked and liked etc. The above information is collected purely for customizing the website and its services to your needs and better ease of browsing.

Your use of website and act of releasing personal details like Name, Address, Contact Number, Age, Gender etc, via use of the contact form gives authorization to us or our affiliates to contact you for promotional and advertisement purposes.

Affiliate or Third Party

By use of Affiliate or Third Party terms, we at refer to any person, website or party working with or under or along with contractual power to direct, guide or control the company policies.


All cache and log data as send by the browser used by you provides IP address, page browsed, browser type, links clicked, ads visited, time pent on each page etc. This form of data helps in customizing the preference for you when using the website by enhancing the website as per the statistics. You can always disable the cookies and delete the cache.

Third Party Advertising

All or any Third Party Advertisement if and when used is to serve ads to you, any generic or log data or information collected via the enabled cookies is shared with these parties to help the advertisers with your likes or dislikes of the ads and to further include that might interest you. Data shared with Third Parties does not include any personal details including Name, Address, email, phone number etc. We, at Concord, do not share any personally identifiable information as provided by you with any third party advertiser.


We, at, strictly adhere to and follow the non-disclosure norms and any terms or agreement thereof. We do our best to ensure that the other websites as linked to our websites are secure. But in many conditions we posses no control over the functioning and policies of these third-party websites and thus you must adhere to there policies or check their terms before using any products as offered by them. While we are bound to protect your details from Third Parties, we are obliged and are under legal responsibilities to share the same with Courts or Legal Authorities in situation of criminal offenses or other circumstances that might out us in place where we have to abide by the law to share your information with Courts and Legal authorities.

Changes in this Policy reserves right to modify, update or make a change in the given Privacy Polices at any given time without informing in advance. By continuing use of the website you agree to abide by the terms and conditions and privacy policy set by us, thus it is your responsibility to keep a check on the policy.